Instructional Notifications

Form IIA-E List of Sexually Explicit Materials Used for Instruction

Art: Nike of Samothrace, Art 1, Grades 9-12
Art: The Birth of Venus, Art 1, Grades 9-12
Art: Sistine Chapel/Creation of Man, Art 1, Grades 9-12
Art: Guernica, Art 2, Grades 10-12
Novel: The Kite Runner, AP Language, Grade 11
Novel: The Glass Castle, AP Language, Grade 11
Novel: To Kill a Mockingbird, Honors English 9, Grade 9
Video: Life's Greatest Miracle, Health 9, Grade 9
Video: A Civil Action, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: Crime 360, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: To Kill a Mockingbird, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: Philadelphia, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: The Execution of Raymond Graham, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: My Cousin Vinny, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, Practical Law, Grades 11-12
Video: The Post, Government, Grade 12


If you wish to learn more about the books your child is reading, you may access information from several websites including:

Book Look book review website
Plugged In book review website
Common Sense Media book review website
Booklist book review website
BlueInk Review book review website
Goodreads book review website

Please note that these book review websites are neither managed nor endorsed by Bedford County Public Schools.

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Dr. Diane Isenhour, Supervisor of Secondary English
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