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The vision of Liberty High School is to connect students, through the use of technology and personalized learning, with a rigorous and relevant curriculum and/or career preparation program.

The mission of Liberty High School is to incorporate rigorous and relevant instruction while establishing meaningful connections with our students.

General Admission: $10.00 kids 5 and under FREE
Tickets available at the door or call 540- 586-2541

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  • Summer Session 2017 applications are available in the school counseling office or HERE under the School Counseling Forms section.  
  • The LHS 2017 Spring Testing Schedule can be found in the Quick Links. 
  • Prom is April 29, 2017 at the Elks Home in Bedford.  The theme for this year is Casino.  Prom is funded by class dues and the sale of prom tickets.  Seniors do not have to purchase a prom ticket; however, their class dues must be current in order to register for prom.  Registration is required for admittance to prom (that means you seniors).  Dues are $10 for each year, so if a senior has never paid dues they owe $40 (for freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior years).  Prom tickets are $25 (for LHS students who are not seniors).  Tickets are $35 for non-LHS students and a guest form MUST be completed in order to attend.  The price for prom tickets increases to $35 LHS/$45 non-LHS after spring break, so buy your tickets before April 7.  Dues may be paid and tickets purchased before or after school with Mrs. Schatz in the library or Miss Nash in room 307.  The last day to purchase a ticket is April 21st.  
  • CongratuAdmin of the Yearlations to Dr. Dills for being named the Virginia Administrator-of-the-Year by the VSCA board for 2016-2017! She will be honored at the VSCA Convention on March 25 in Portsmouth. Thank you, Dr. Dills, for your continued support of student leadership!


  • Support the Liberty High School Sports Boosters by eating at Bella's in Bedford every Monday nights. Tell the restaurant staff that you are from Liberty High School and 10% of proceeds will go to the Liberty High School Sports Boosters!
  • Follow our Minutemen and support our athletics on social media.  Twitter: @MinutemenPride  Instagram: Minutemen_Pride  Facebook: Minutemen Pride 


  • LHSMinutemen Succeed, No Exceptions!  In order to help our Minutemen maximize their potential for success we now a Minutemen Resources webpage that link makes teacher assignments accessible from anywhere. Students can click on missing work to print and complete or find extra study tools.  Click here:https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/minutemen-resources/ OR on the Quick Links Minutemen Resources.
  • Have you ever wanted to receive text reminders with announcements concerning LHS?  Now you can!  Click HERE to sign up!  More information is on the Daily Announcements page.
  • Keep up to date with all the great activities that our 21st Century Grant are sponsoring through their webpage: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/lhs21/. There is also a quick link in the link list on our homepage. College credit, summer fun or classes to improve work readiness skills are just a few of the cool things that our 21st Century Grant program offers.  
  • Find out more about all the great things our library offers here: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/lhs-library/
  • LHS Electronic Sign Fundraiser:  We are asking every graduate and parent of every graduate to donate at least $1 to help make the dream of a digital sign become a reality.  Currently we have $12,374.43 towards our goal for an electronic sign.   Class Leaders: 1st Place: Class of 1966; 2nd Place: Class of 1965; 3rd Place: Class of 1970. [updated January 2017]


  • Liberty cleaned up at State History Day.  We tied with West Springfield HS for the most wins!  Here're the results.  Rhiannon Cire (1) and Maloni Wright (2) in individual senior performances.  Shayleigh Cire, William Tabor, and Damien Parr (1) in senior group performance.  Will Milton (3) in individual senior website.  Hannah Willis and Landon Cheek (1) in group documentary.  Maloni got the Mary Bicouvaris Award for Virginia History.  Hannah and Landon go the Virginia Historical society award for best Virginia project.  India Wright and Macayla Lindy got Best Women's History award.
  • Check out our YOVASO students!  YOVASO: Liberty High School's Arrive Alive Campaign: http://www.virginiafirst.com/news/local-news/yovaso-liberty-high-schools-arrive-alive-campaign/679976060
  • Congratulations to April's Super Seniors -Logan Dawson, Emily Tinsley, and Haylee Wood. These seniors, who were nominated by their teachers, will receive pizza compliments of Domino's of Bedford.  The students of the month for April are 9th grade Simone Pizza; 10th grade Tabby Davis; 11th grade Michael Thomas. These students will be honored by Domino's of Bedford. 
  • Our History Day team had a great participation and did exceedingly well! Rhiannon Cire took first in Performance, Maloni Wright took second in Individual Performance.  Shayleigh Cire, Damien Parr and William Tabor took first in Group Performance.  India Wright and Macayla Lindy took first in Group Website.  Will Milton took second in Individual Website. Lydia Linkenhoker got 3rd in Individual Documentary.  Hannah Willis and Landon Cheek took second in Group Documentary.  All are heading for State.  And this year, there was a new award - best Virginia project - awarded by the Virginia Historical Society. Maloni Wright was the winner of high school prize (and our middle school took the Junior prize).  Woohoo!  Way to go Minutemen! 

  • history day
  • Congratulations to Mr. & Miss Liberty, Tyron Staples & Maloni Wright! 


  • PD EF TOursCongratulations to Miss DeLong for receiving a scholarship for a Professional Development trip on global education to Finland and Italy this summer sponsored by EF Tours. 
  • Recently students participated in the competition Poetry Out Loud.  The girls did an awesome job.  Maloni Wright will represent LHS at the state competition in March. Rhiannon Cire is a runner up and Alyssa Mattson is 2nd runner up. Congratulations ladies!
  • The Liberty High School Art Department shared Butterfly Hugs with cancer patients. The movement called Butterfly Hugs sponsored by Spirit FM came about when a cancer patient received one handmade butterfly  from a friend to make her feel better. The goal now is to share as many butterflies as possible to cancer patients in 23 cancer centers across Virginia , West Virginia, and North Carolina. The art students of Liberty High School  gladly embraced this challenge and nearly 100 butterflies are finding their way to bring joy to the patients.  
  • butterfly wings
  • What a SPECIAL day for our students! Liberty University had a special convocation for Special Olympics.  Our Liberty athletes were there to be a part of this wonderful event.  You can watch the entire thing live on our Bedford County Public Schools Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bedfordcountyps/  You're going to want to take the time to watch this video.  #MinutemenSucceed #ProjectUnify  http://www.liberty.edu/news/index.cfm?PID=18495&MID=208879

    Special Olympics Convocation from Liberty News on Vimeo.

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