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Home of the Minuteman!  Liberty High School is part of Bedford County Public Schools serving the town of Bedford and surrounding areas.  Find useful links for teacher webpages under Our Staff or look for important forms and links under Parents and Students.  Learn more about what is happening at Liberty via the Calendar or Our School link.  Below you can find important announcements and Minutemen Good News! 

  • Homecoming is right around the corner and those of you that plan on bringing a non-LHS guest must complete the guest form for school dances.  These forms can be found on the counter in the main office. It is important that ALL of the information is completed accurately. The completed form along with a copy of the guests ID must be turned in by Wednesday, September 14th at 3:35PM to Ms. Mattson or Mrs. Hunzinker. Do not turn in the dance forms to anyone other than Ms. Mattson or Mrs. Hunzinker. Please see Ms. Mattson regarding any questions. 
  • Minutemen Succeed, No Exceptions!  In order to help our Minutemen maximize their potential for success we now a Minutemen Resources webpage that link makes teacher assignments accessible from anywhere. Students can click on missing work to print and complete or find extra study tools.  Click here: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/minutemen-resources/ OR on the Quick Links Minutemen Resources.
  • Picture Day is coming soon! School pictures will be taken through English classes on August 31st and September 1st.  Pricing and information will be sent home by English teachers.  Senior Pic Make-up and Retake Days are on August 29 and 30.  Information should have been mailed home to seniors who still need pictures.  Seniors will report to the auditorium during English classes on these 2 days.  CVCC students may come at their convenience and be worked in (this applies to underclassmen pics also).  Seniors can do retakes even if they have not received their proofs yet.  Senior Picture Pricing:
    • Ultimate $20 - 16-20 images, 4 outfits, 4 backgrounds, plus yearbook formal
    • Deluxe $15 - 14-16 images, 3 outfits, 3 backgrounds, plus yearbook formal
    • Standard $10 - 8-12 images, up tp 2 outfits, 2 backgrounds, plus yearbook formal
    • Basic is no cost 6-8 images 1 outfit and the yearbook formal
  • Seniors and Senior Parents/Guardians, mark your calendars!  There will be a Financial Aid meeting on Thursday, October 13th @6pm in the LHS library.  Beginning this year, parents/students will be allowed to begin the FAFSA filing process in October.
  • On October 13th at 7pm at the School Board Office Conference room (where normal SBO meetings are held) there will be a time for public comment about the new Bedford Middle School name.  We welcome everyone to come out and give input.

  • 2016 Liberty HS Football Theme Nights (Normal Admission Ticket Prices $5)
    • 9/2 - Rec Night
    • 9/9 - Law Enforcement Night
    • 9/16 - Homecoming
    • 9/23 - Community Appreciation Night (Tickets only $3)
    • 10/7 - Pink Out
    • 10/28 - Senior Night
  • Support the Liberty High School Sports Boosters by eating at Bella's in Bedford every Monday nights. Tell the restaurant staff that you are from Liberty High School and 10% of proceeds will go to the Liberty High School Sports Boosters!
  • Follow our Minutemen and support our athletics on social media.  Twitter: @MinutemenPride  Instagram: Minutemen_Pride  Facebook: Minutemen Pride
  • Important information regarding Minutemen Athletics:

  • Have you ever wanted to receive text reminders with announcements concerning LHS?  Now you can!  Many of our teachers already use a free service called Remind to remind students about upcoming projects or homework.  All you need to do to sign up is text @lhsbedford to 81010 or go remind.com/join/lhsbedford where you can chose to receive e-mail updates or texts.  Why do so many teachers love remind and why is it safe? "Remind is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers share important updates and reminders with students & parents. Subscribe by text, email or using the Remind app. All personal information is kept private. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you see theirs.  Visit remind.com to learn more, or our Daily Announcements Page.
  • Keep up to date with all the great activities that our 21st Century Grant are sponsoring through their webpage: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/lhs21/. There is also a quick link in the link list on our homepage. College credit, summer fun or classes to improve work readiness skills are just a few of the cool things that our 21st Century Grant program offers.  
  • Find out more about all the great things our library offers here: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/lhs-library/
  • LHS Electronic Sign Fundraiser:  We are asking every graduate and parent of every graduate to donate at least $1 to help make the dream of a digital sign become a reality.  Thanks to the SCA Auction we are closer than ever to our goal.  Currently we have $10,095.43 towards our goal for an electronic sign.   Class Leaders: 1st Place: Class of 1965; 2nd Place: Class of 1970; 3rd Place: Class of 1969.

  • Congratulations to Maloni Wright whose History Day project broke into history day finals here at the University of Maryland! She is one of two Virginia projects moving on to competition! Her presentation was "Loving vs. Commonwealth of Virginia:  Exchanging Vows, Encountering Racism, and Exploring the 14th Amendment".
  • Principal Dr. Dills, Personal Finance Teachers Mrs. Willis and Ms. Austin, appreciate American National Bank's commitment to financial literacy at Liberty High School. Students complete modules and earn a certificate for Financial Literacy Certification. Representing our own Bedford Branch are Scott Carter and Vikeesa Stultz.

  • finance literacy
  • WelchCongratulations to Linda Welch, the Liberty High School Nutrition Manager, for being awarded the Lifetime Achievement award from the Virginia School Nutrition Association!  Winners of this award must have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the area of Child Nutrition issues in schools, community, state, nationally and in legislation, have at least 25 year of experience, and be SNA Certified or Credentialed.  Mrs. Welch has worked for Bedford County Public Schools since 1986.  She is always ready to do what is best for the students of Liberty High School.  From being willing to sample new products with the students, to participating in student surveys about the school cafeteria, to working with her staff to try new recipes that the nutrition program is considering implementing, when it comes to wanting to please the students Mrs. Welch gives her best towards this sometimes difficult task.  Mrs. Welch and other staff members work many athletic banquets for the students, they also make homemade rolls to sell at Thanksgiving and Christmas in which they take most of the profit and help the SNA members at her school pay their SNA dues. Liberty High School is very proud of Mrs. Welch!  She was presented an engraved plaque at the State Conference.  Pictured are Linda Welch and BCPS Nutrition Supervisor Karen Arthur. 
  • BCPS TOYCongratulations to Miss Crystal DeLong who was chosen as the Bedford County Teacher of the Year!!!  Read more about the award ceremony HERE.  Miss DeLong has been with Bedford County Public Schools for 12 years, 4 of which have been at Liberty High School teaching Advanced Placement Government and World History II. Miss DeLong also taught social studies overseas for 6 years in Turkey and Morocco where she got to further expand her passion for traveling. In addition to her teaching duties Miss DeLong is also the Social Studies Department Chair and National Honor Society Advisor. Miss DeLong is known for her collaborative efforts not only within her department but throughout the school as well as finding creative outlets and technology resources to use in her classroom. Miss DeLong is passionate about history and loves incorporating her travels into her lessons. As one of the recipients of the 2015 Bedford County Personalized Learning Grant she also strives to develop 21st century skills in her students and help prepare them to be global citizens.
  • econMinutemen Succeed in Personal Finance!  Liberty High School won at the Regional Level to move on the participate  in The Governor's Challenge in Economic and Personal Finance, a rigorous statewide competition held Thursday, April 14th at Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) in Richmond. VCEE's Mortensen explains that The Challenge brings classroom concepts to life for students. "Learning about economics and how it relates to their lives helps student realize they already participate in the global ecnomoy," Mortensen states.  "Applying these concepts leads to more informed buying and saving decisions on the part of students. They make better choices when planning for their future, including college and job choices."  From Left to right: Jeanne Willis, Teacher Liberty High School, Kirsten Dooley, Dan Mortensen, Executive Director, Virginia Council on Economic Director, Emily Tinsley, Morgan Armington, Becky Booth, Director, Center for Economic Develop Lynchburg College
  • science fair

    We are super proud of the our LHS students and their success at the regional science fair! Grand prize winner Hannah Steele and Runner up Rhiannon Cire showed off their impressive skills this weekend. Both are going to the state fair. Hannah will also be going to Arizona for the Intel science fair the highest level of science fair competition. (Pictured: Hannah, left and Rhiannon, right).  

  • Congrats to the following students who placed in the History Day Competition:  Maloni Wright got 1st place in individual performance , Rhiannon Cire got 3rd place in individual performance with "The Rise of the Rapier", Sarah Bradley got 3rd in Individual documentary with "Encountering danger, exploring options, exchanged homes for safety:  CORB", Hannah Willis and Landon Cheek got 1st in group website with "Medical Experiments in the Holocaust: Encountering Opportunity, Exploring through Experimentation, Exchanging the Results", Piper Moore got 1st in individual website with "Pencillin:  Encounter, Exchange, Exploration", Will Milton got 2nd in individual website with "The Atomic Bombs:  Encounter, Exploration, Exchange", Faith Ringressy got 3rd in individual website with "WAVES: Encounter, Exchange, Exploration"

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