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School History 

Liberty High School came into existence in 1964 with Mr. William N. Lee as principal, when smaller schools were consolidated into one. Liberty is one of three high schools, plus a vocational school Bedford Science & Technology Center that serves the students of Bedford City and County. This fall, the Liberty student body will consist of approximately 900 students in grades 9-12. The school population areas that Liberty serves include Villamont, Montvale, Thaxton, Blue Ridge, Big Island, and the City of Bedford. 

The Liberty High School community, since its beginning, has insisted that its students strive for academic and artistic excellence and be competitive in the area of athletics. According to data compiled in 2011 by the Liberty High School Counseling department, 87% percent of the 2011 graduates plan to continue their formal education beyond high school. In the area of athletics, Liberty students have accumulated over the years an outstanding record of achievement. Including all sports offerings, Liberty students have won more than sixty District Championships; ten Region III Championships; and the "Mountain-Top-Years" of 1976/77, 1995/96, and 1996/97 were especially meaningful when the Baseball Team (76/77) and the Boys Basketball Team (95/96 and 96/97 "Back-to-Back") won well deserved State Championships. In 2002, our Football team ended the season with 10 wins and 4 losses and went on to win the Region III Division III Championship and the Group AA Division III State Championship. LHS has also excelled in individual sports with state championships in shot put and discus in 2007, the 55 meter dash at the State Indoor Track Meet in 2008, and a state championship in shot put in 2010.