Roy Knighting

                     Student Support - Algebra

Mr. Knighting

                                                       (540)586-2451 ext. 311

I am excited to be collaborating with Ms. Badger and Mrs. Avila in the Math Department this school year! 

Class Schedule: 
1A: Algebra 1 - Badger
2A Common Planning - Algebra
3AB - Algebra 1, Part 2 - Badger
4A - Algebra 1 - Avila
1B - Algebra 1 Part 1
2B - Common Planning - Algebra
4B - SOL Remediation

I am happy to remediate, or help with homework/classwork before or after school. I commonly stay well past 4:00 p.m., and students may arrange to stay after any day of the week. Parents: Please feel free to schedule your student for extra help or remediation by contacting me at the e-mail address above. 

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