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 Welcome to Mr. Day's Homepage for History Students at Liberty High School in Bedford, Virginia


The information and links found on this page are for the use of my students and is intended to aid them in completing assignments, locating sites for history related research, identifying due dates for homework, or assisting them with any other academic requirements involved in the successful completion of the curriculum.


For the Year 2014-2015, I am teaching the following subjects:

AP United States History

Virginia and United States

 World History II

Mission Statement for LHS:
The Primary Mission of LHS is to provide the opportunity for individuals to succeed through a quality education that prepares them for life as productive citizens.

My Schedule
 A Day
                    1st  World History II                    
2nd Planning
3rd AP US History
4th World History II
 B Day
1st Virginia and U.S. History
2nd World History II 
3rd AP US History
4th Planning

Classroom rules and proceedures will be in accordance with the Bedford County Public Schools policies as written in the student code of conduct. Additional teacher classroom rules will be as follows:

1. Students are expected to be on time and in their seats when the bell rings. (All tardies will be reported )

2. Students will not talk out of turn, students will raise a hand to respond to questions or ask questions of the teacher.

3. Parents will be contacted at the very first occurace of disruptive behavior.

4. A log of referals and warnings shall be kept for each student.

5. Provocation or slander of students by other students will not be tolerated and shall be refered immediately to the appropriate administrator

6. If not stated in the County Policy the following rule is in effect for classroom 306. Food from the cafeteria, will not be allowed in the room. Water is always permitted as long as it is in a container that can be closed. Soda, Coffee, or sports drinks are also permitted in my room until such time as the students behavior couses a revocation of this policy.

7. All County rules and LHS rules shall be followed and classroom discipline will be administered by the teacher in accordance with the Discipline Plan given to each student and on file with the School

Honor Code

I, as a student of Liberty high School, pledge to do all within my power to uphold the honor, integrity, and scholastic stnading of my school; to assume responsibiity for my own actions; and neither to give nor receive help on any homework, quiz, test, exam, or other assignment that I am expected to do alone