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LHS Clubs 2016-2017

This school year your student(s) will have the opportunity to participate in Club Days!

Club Days will occur during the school day on November 4th, December 16th , February 3rd, and April 7th. Please carefully review the club information below with your student(s) as the club they choose will be the club they attend all year. They should come prepared with a primary and secondary option of club choices.

*Club fees (if any) will be collected the week of October 3rd-5th. Clubs fees will be collected in the cafeteria before school and then again during lunch. Club fees will be used for supplies for the club or national membership fees.

Club Options

Art Club

Create spirit posters to fill the halls of Liberty and create community art when possible. Students will discuss the possibility of visiting museums/galleries, etc. as they arise.

Sponsors: Mrs. Leslie Bowyer, Ms. Melissa Friedewald

Fees: $10

Bedford in American History Club

Learn about Bedford's role in American History. Topics would include colonial origins of Bedford, Bedford and the James River Canals, Bedford in the Civil War, Bedford and the railroad, and Bedford in the 2nd World War. Local Historians, living historians, and scholars would be scheduled to speak with the students.

Sponsor: Mr. Mark Day

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Book Club

Read, talk, discuss, and play with books as the theme!!!

Sponsor: Ms. Sydney Schatz

Fees: Free

Chemistry Club

Perform demonstration-level chemistry with the aid of your sponsor. The students will also understand the chemistry they perform and be able to explain to their "audience" what happened and why.

Sponsor: Mr. Dennis Godward

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Chess Club

Play chess matches against other students. A tournament will be set within the club.

Sponsors: Mr. T. Fox, Mr. Jeff Steele

Fees: $5 (snacks/equipment)

Club 18

Students for Christ: Meet for a devotional and prayer time for the school and community. Students also plan missions-based community service throughout the year.

Sponsors: Mrs. Krissy Alphin, Mrs. Brenda Lohr

Fees: Free

Crochet Club

Learn how to crochet or pick a project to crochet.

Sponsors: Mrs. Sherrill Harris, Ms. Melissa Cardoza

Fees: Purchase of yarn and hook

Cupcake Wars

Bake cupcakes at home and compete in Liberty's version of Cupcake Wars during club.

Sponsors: Mrs. Robin Waldron, Ms. Jessica Nash

Fees: $5

Debate Team

Prepare debates on current topics and practice debate.

Sponsor: Ms. Kasey Overton

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Disc Golf Club

Play disc golf or have disc golf competitions.

Sponsor: Mr. Ben Wiese

Fees: $20 (purchase club disc)

FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)

Develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

Sponsors: Ms. Allison Revis, Mrs. Jeanne Willis

Fees: $15 (FCCLA dues)

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Sponsor: Mr. Chris Watts

Fees: Free

Foreign Language Club

Celebrate languages and cultures from around the world through music, food, movies, cultural discussions and special events outside of school when available.

Sponsors: Mrs. Debbie Coleman, Ms. Jeannette Ogilvie, Mrs. Stacey Amaya Diaz, Mrs. Michelle Van Den Bos

Fees: $5


Discuss opening and closing ceremonies, state officers, and career spotlight. If you are an FFA member, you should be here!

Sponsors: Mr. Spencer Blankenship, Mrs. Lindsay Tomlinson

Fees: $15 (FFA dues)

Get Outdoors!

Participate in different activities that get you outside and moving. Activities include: yard games, hiking, sports, and more.

Sponsors: Mr. Eric Seckman, Mr. Aaron Turner

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt ($10)

KAST (Kids Are Scientists Too)

KAST is a science outreach program. Teams of students will spend a total of 4 hours per month in elementary schools before or after school leading science experiments and activities with fourth and fifth graders.

Sponsor: Mr. Jeff Steele

Fees: $5

LHS Step Club

Create step dances to show Liberty pride!

Sponsors: Ms. Susan Badger, Ms. Alicia Guridy

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Liberty Pride Club

Meet and develop activities that would increase school spirit and success. Participate in at least one community event that demonstrates Liberty Pride.

Sponsors: Ms. Toni Key, Ms. Emily Dunton

Fees: $5 and cost of a t-shirt

Math Club

Practice questions for a math challenge at Liberty University in February along with other math related problems.

Sponsors: Mrs. Karen Cico, Mrs. Sarah Wharton

Fees: Free

MUN (Model United Nations)

Represent countries or NGOs (non-governmental organizations) modeling the United Nations working to increase debate, research and critical thinking skills. This club will prep students to attend a Model United Nations Conference second semester.

Sponsors: Ms. Crystal DeLong, Mrs. Samie McRorie

Fees: Will vary based on conference and fundraising

NHSDA (National Honor Society for Dance Arts)

NHSDA is a program of the National Dance Education Organization. It seeks to 1. recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in K-12 education, dance studios, cultural/community centers, performing arts organizations, and post-secondary education.
2. Foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige.

Sponsors: Mrs. Shayna Crews, Mr. Will Satterwhite, Mrs. Reem Hasan, Ms. Crystal DeLong

Fees: $8 (one-time induction fee)

Preparing to be a College Athlete

Prepare to become a student athlete by looking into time management, reading about coaches’ expectations, and preparing to increase work load on the field and in the weight room. LIMIT 20 participants.

Sponsor: Mr. Nick McGuire, Mrs. Alyssa Mays

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Project Unify

As part of Special Olympics, a way to promote relationships between all students regardless of their cognitive ability.

Sponsor: Mrs. Alicia Schneider

Fee: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Scrapbooking Club

Design and create scrapbooks for your personal photos.

Sponsor: Mrs. Jami Key

Fees: $5

Table-Top Games

This is a club that focuses on table-top RPGs (role playing games) and the creation and running of games.

Sponsors: Mr. Matt Uselton, Mr. Roy Knighting

Fees: Optional purchase of t-shirt

Writing Club

Play creative writing games, create collaborative writing projects, and enjoy good writing by teens. We will share our writing and celebrate our creativity.

Sponsors: Mrs. Nikaya Smith, Ms. Linda Kennedy

Fees: $5 (for snacks - optional)

YOVASO (Youth of Virginia Speak Out)

Youth of Virginia Speak Out about Traffic Safety! We have two campaigns during the school year that promote safe driving among high school students. We will meet twice per month during campaign periods (fall and spring), and monthly outside of those times. We will also take a field trip for district training, and summer training options are available for those interested. Help keep your classmates safe - join YOVASO today!

Sponsors: Mr. Daniel Clark, Ms. Julie Lundgren, Mr. Ben Thurman

Fees: $10 (includes field trip and t-shirt)

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