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I hope this letter finds all of my LHS family healthy and happy.  The flu season is in full swing and prevention is definitely the tool of choice.


Remember good hand-washing and healthy lifestyles are the top two rules of prevention!  This would include a good eight hours of sleep each night, a healthy and balanced diet along with plenty of water and regular exercise.  A daily dose of fresh air is always a plus!


If the flu should catch up with you, increase your rest and your fluids.  Treat symptoms with over-the-counter medications.  Above all, do not share your flu!  Stay home until fever free for 24 hours.


Health and Safety Information:


It is the goal of the school nurse to look out for the well-being of your children.  I always put forth my best effort to make your student feel better and send him/her back to class.  I  understand the important relationship between attendance and good grades.


However, a request to call a parent will not be denied.  At that point, the decision to stay in school or go home becomes a decision for you and your child to make together. The student will still need to sign-out through the clinic.  Once signed out, they are ready to be dismissed.  


Health Screenings:


  • In regard to well-being of your child, some of you may receive phone calls relating to the screening letters sent home in October and November.We need to follow-up on the status of the vision, hearing and scoliosis referrals.
  • All children having received a scoliosis referral letter must be seen by a physician and a return letter must be given to the school either confirming the scoliosis or not.
  • Students having received a vision referral letter are strongly recommended to seek an eye exam done by an eye doctor.Our method of testing is not as accurate as that of a professional eye exam.Your child’s eyesight will directly affect his/her ability to work well both in and out of the classroom setting.


Clinic Reminders:


  • If your child does not have the required form for Tylenol/Benadryl we cannot administer it to them.
  • If your child wishes to take OTC medicine while in school, (i.e.: Motrin, Midol, Claritin, etc) they must have the correct form on file (along with the medication) in the nursing office .
  • The benadryl we do stock is for emergency allergic reactions involving acute respiratory distress only.(i.e.: bees, peanuts, etc…) It is not given for stuffy noses or itchy eyes.
  • For the parents that received phone calls regarding vision, hearing and/or scoliosis referrals, please contact the clinic with the requested information so that we may update your student’s record.Thank you.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the clinic and talk with a nurse anytime during the school day. 


Stay healthy and happy and remember to wash those hands!

How To Help Your Family Fight Flu

Follow the links on the left under medical forms to print from home care plans. 
Click on the link below for the new healthy snack list 
Healthy Snack List BCPS 2017.docx
Please register your child for Caredox!
English_CareDox Health Registration Flyer_BedfordVA 2018.pdf
Spanish_CareDox Health Registration Flyer_BedfordVA 2018.pdf

Read this recently this recently updated CDC feature on food safety tips on food and vegetables.



Clinic Hours: 8:20 am to 3:50 pm 

Phone: (540) 586-2541
Fax: (540) 586-7720

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