Welcome to Liberty High School

The vision of Liberty High School is to connect students, through the use of technology and personalized learning, with a rigorous and relevant curriculum and/or career preparation program.

The mission of Liberty High School is to incorporate rigorous and relevant instruction while establishing meaningful connections with our students.

LHS is a tobacco free campus.
Animals (including pets) are not permitted on campus or 
at games per BCPS policy; service animals are permitted.


  • Liberty High School Supply List 2017-2018
    When you come for Back to School days on August 9th and 10th, your teachers will give you more details about specific materials that you will need for their class. 
    • Notebook paper, college ruled
    • Pack of #2 Pencils
    • Pack of blue pens
    • Pack of black pens
    • 5 spiral notebooks, college ruled
    • 1 pack of sticky notes
    • 3 glue sticks
    • 1 pack of colored pencils
    • 1 pack of markers 
  • MySchoolBucks® is your online payment portal; giving you a quick and easy way to manage and add funds to your student’s meal account. You can review recent purchases along with seeing the current balance, plus receive low balance alerts... all for FREE!  Click HERE for more information.
  • For full details on Liberty’s Fall Practice information, including coach’s contact information, practice locations and try-outs, click HERE for the Liberty High School Fall Practice Information.
  • For all the details about Liberty High School’s Fall Activity Bus Routes - 2017 click HERE.
  • graduation capLiberty High School's Graduation for the Class of 2017 is available on the Bedford County Public Schools Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/bedfordcountyps/.  Also, if you would like to purchase a DVD of the graduation ceremony, click on this link for more information about ordering a DVD.
  • We are excited to announce that the Liberty High School Gym construction has begun! The new gym will be built on the existing baseball field, so for the Spring 2018 baseball season, the Minutemen will play all home baseball games at Liberty Lake Park. We will start all of our home games at Liberty Lake Park at 5:00 pm. Scheduling for these games will be finalized at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Bedford Middle School's BTeam baseball will also play at 5:00 pm at Liberty Lake Park for their home games.  [Updated Monday, June 12, 2017]
  • Liberty Campus Construction Updates: Construction for the Gym, Cooling Loop, and Track will begin on June 1, 2017. This will mean that the main parking lot will be closed. If you are coming to campus, please park in the front of the school. The parking lot in the back of the school will have construction materials, so parking and access to this parking lot will be limited, and at times, will be restricted to only construction vehicles.

  • Support the Liberty High School Sports Boosters by eating at Bella's in Bedford every Monday nights. Tell the restaurant staff that you are from Liberty High School and 10% of proceeds will go to the Liberty High School Sports Boosters!
  • Follow our Minutemen and support our athletics on social media.  Twitter: @MinutemenPride  Instagram: Minutemen_Pride  Facebook: Minutemen Pride 


  • Minutemen Liberty PrideMinutemen Succeed, No Exceptions!  In order to help our Minutemen maximize their potential for success, we now have a Minutemen Resource webpage that has links that allow students to access teacher assignments from anywhere. Students can click on missing work to print and complete or find extra study tools.  Click here: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/minutemen-resources/ OR on the Quick Links Minutemen Resources.
  • Have you ever wanted to receive text reminders with announcements concerning LHS?  Now you can!  Click HERE to sign up!  More information is on the Daily Announcements page.
  • Find out more about all the great things our library offers here: https://sites.google.com/a/bedford.k12.va.us/lhs-library/
  • LHS Electronic Sign Fundraiser:  We are asking every graduate and parent of every graduate to donate at least $1 to help make the dream of a digital sign become a reality.  Currently we have $12,374.43 towards our goal for an electronic sign.   Class Leaders: 1st Place: Class of 1966; 2nd Place: Class of 1965; 3rd Place: Class of 1970. [updated January 2017]


  • Installation of Foster Garrett as the new SCA President of Liberty High School by Maloni Wright, current SCA President.Congratulations to the newly installed SCA officers for 2017-2018: president Foster Garrett, vice president Hannah Steele, secretary Summer Markham, treasurer Thomas Messier, reporter Juan Salgado, and historian Nicole Cico.
  • Congratulations to Zach Key, who received the William and Mary Leadership Award from Dr. Dills.
  • Zach Key receives William & Mary Leadership Award
  • Summer Markham will also attend the National SCA Leadership Conference in June in Boston, a first for any student at Liberty High School. 
  • Congratulations to the final Super Seniors for the year. The Super Seniors for May are T'Asia Evering, , Luke Hunziker, and Justina Wood. These seniors, who were nominated by their teachers, will receive gift cards from Domino's of Bedford.  The Students-of-the-Month are 9th grade Makayla Lindy; 10th grade Raegan McPherson; 11th grade David Horne. These students are being honored by Domino's of Bedford.
  • May 3rd was a big day in the Bedford Community and for Liberty High School.  The Community Art after school 21st Century Grant Program has been working for months to plan and perfect their design for a beautiful LOVE Sculpture for our community. It is an amazing representation of what our town has to offer! Stop by the Bedford Welcome Center to view the students' work and our very own LOVE sign! #LOVEBedfordVA
  • The letters represent our community with the L and O portraying Smith Mountain Lake and the Peaks, the V honoring our communities history and relation to the D-DAY memorial and the E representing the business of art, wineries, and orchards known to this area.

  • LHS Students who helped in the making of the Bedford LOVE sign.
  • We are SO proud of our Liberty staff and students who were part of the design!  #LibertyPride #MinutemenSucceedNoExceptions #LOVEBedfordVA
  • Mrs. Leslie Bowyer, art teacher, grant coordinator Berlyn Seitz and art students who helped with the design and production of the Bedford LOVE sign. 
  • The Program from the ceremony for the unveiling of the Bedford LOVE sign. 
  • Program for the LOVE Sign Unveiling Ceremony 
  • Click here for the link to a digital copy of the program from the ceremony for the unveiling of the Bedford LOVE sign.
  • BSTC's building and construction class-these STUDENTS worked to install and prepare the foundation for the sign!
  • BSTC's building and construction class-these STUDENTS worked to install and prepare the foundation for the sign!
  • BSTC's auto body class who too part in painting and preparing the letters!
  • BSTC's auto body class who too part in painting and preparing the letters!
  • BSTC's Jr. ROTC students helped move and place these letters for installment, which was a HUGE job! Thanks guys!
  • BSTC's Jr. ROTC students helped move and place these letters for installment, which was a HUGE job!
  • The News and Advance article on the LOVE sign unveiling ceremony.
  • WDBJ7 reports on the student produced LOVE sign unveiling in Bedford.
  • WSLS10 reports on the student produced LOVE sign unveiling in Bedford.
  • WSET13 reports on the student produced LOVE sign unveiling in Bedford.

  • CongratuSCA presents Admin of the Yearlations to Dr. Dills for being named the Virginia Administrator-of-the-Year by the VSCA board for 2016-2017! She will be honored at the VSCA Convention on March 25 in Portsmouth. Thank you, Dr. Dills, for your continued support of student leadership!
  • Liberty cleaned up at State History Day.  We tied with West Springfield HS for the most wins!  Here're the results.  Rhiannon Cire (1) and Maloni Wright (2) in individual senior performances.  Shayleigh Cire, William Tabor, and Damien Parr (1) in senior group performance.  Will Milton (3) in individual senior website.  Hannah Willis and Landon Cheek (1) in group documentary.  Maloni got the Mary Bicouvaris Award for Virginia History.  Hannah and Landon go the Virginia Historical society award for best Virginia project.  India Wright and Macayla Lindy got Best Women's History award.History Day Winners from Liberty
  • Check out our YOVASO students!  YOVASO: Liberty High School's Arrive Alive Campaign: http://www.virginiafirst.com/news/local-news/yovaso-liberty-high-schools-arrive-alive-campaign/679976060 
  • Congratulations to Mr. & Miss Liberty, Tyron Staples & Maloni Wright! 

Mr. & Mrs. Liberty Winners

  • The Liberty High School Art Department shared Butterfly Hugs with cancer patients. The movement called Butterfly Hugs sponsored by Spirit FM came about when a cancer patient received one handmade butterfly  from a friend to make her feel better. The goal now is to share as many butterflies as possible to cancer patients in 23 cancer centers across Virginia , West Virginia, and North Carolina. The art students of Liberty High School  gladly embraced this challenge and nearly 100 butterflies are finding their way to bring joy to the patients.  
  • butterfly wings art project

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